Discussion: I Want to Read Less

27 november 2016

Ever since I've started to identify myself as a reader, there started to be this pressure to read a lot. To make my Goodreads goal as high as possible, to have huge wrap-ups and TBRs and to prioritize reading over everything. This, overall, made reading a tad less fun. So I want to change this, and start reading less.

So, why exactly do I want to start reading less? 

Yes, I am a reader, and I love to read, but reading is not my only hobby. I love snail mailing, I love making art (even though I suck at it), I love going for walks, I love watching TV-shows, etc. Because I've always put so much pressure on myself to read as many books as possible, I never took my time to explore my other hobbies. I want to change this. I want to start watching Gilmore Girls, because I've wanted to watch that for such a long time now. And I want to learn how to draw, because it's such a great thing but I can't even draw a circle. I just don't want reading to be my only love anymore, and I want to fall in love with many other things. 

I also want to start taking my time with books. When I look back at the books I've read at the beginning of the year, I can't tell you much about them. I can't even remember what books I've read. I think if I took my time with those books, I would be able to remember them more. I would also be able to think about the books I'm reading more, and to really reflect on them. To see what the author is really trying to tell me. 

Another thing I want to start doing is reading bigger books. I've always avoided books that were over 600 pages because 1) they're super intimidating, and 2) they will take me a long time to finish, which will result in me having a very small wrap-up, which will result in me feeling like I've failed. I want to lose that pressure I put on myself of having huge wrap-ups, TBRs and Goodreads goals. Sure, they're a lot of fun to have, and seeing that I've read 80 books this year does make me feel proud, but I don't want to make it the-most-important-thing anymore. I want to allow myself to read a big book, and not feel bad about that being the only book I've finished that month.

I'm not completely sure as to how I'm going to be doing this yet. Of course I'm not going to force myself to do something else when I want to read, just for the sake of reading less. I'm also not going to force myself to read a big book when I feel like reading a 200 page middle grade novel. I think I'm just not going to force myself to read anymore, just for the sake of having a huge wrap-up. And I'm going to start now, by finally watching Gilmore Girls 💖

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