30 Bookish Facts About Me

20 augustus 2016

I'm back from my holiday! I survived, had a good time, didn't have any panic attacks AND my neighbors had the cutest puppy in the world! As you can see I'm very very happy, so I decided to celebrate by doing this tag thingy I've seen basically everywhere. It was created by the queen of book blogging herself, Cait from Paperfury, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to do, so here we go!

Also, because this post would be very very boring if it was just a list of questions, I decided to show off some of the bookish pictures I took whilst on holiday throughout this post. They have nothing to do with the questions, they're just pretty, hehe. 

1) Currently reading? I'm currently listening to Red Queen on audiobook, and I'm going to start reading The Cartographer's Daughter by Kiran Millwood Hargrave later today. 
2) Should've read, like, yesterday? SO MANY BOOKS. But to name a few: The Wrath & the Dawn, Shadow & Bone, The Kiss of Deception, Six of Crows, Am I Normal Yet? and basically 30 other books.
3) Book that impacted you? Again: SO MANY. But the one that comes to mind right now is The Rest of us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.
4) Hyped vs. backlist titles? Hyped books! I love being able to talk about certain books to people, and have them fangirl with me. 
5) Current series crush? Honestly, this will always be the Heroes of Olympus series! I love the characters, the greek mythology, and they cheer me up everytime I read them. I also LOVE the Snow Like Ashes series! 
6) How strong is your self-control around books? I'm actually quite picky when it comes to buying books, but when it comes to requesting books on Netgalley, I can go a bit crazy. Usually because I know that over half of my requests will be denied anyway, but still. 
7) Plot vs. characters? Characters all the way! If the characters are great, and the plot is meh, the book can still be quite good, but if it's the other way around, the book ends up being very boring. 
8) Would you write under a pseudonym? 100% YES. I would LOVE to write books but I'm too shy to put myself out there, so writing under a pseudonym would be perfect, I think. I can't think of any cool pseudonyms, though.
9) Would you marry your bookshelf? I honestly don't really like my bookshelf. I love my books, sure! And I'm very very happy about owning a whole shelf of them, but I'm secretly dreaming about the perfect bookshelf. I'd love to have a whole wall of bookshelves when I have my own apartment. But why stop at just one wall? I want my whole apartment to be covered in books and bookshelves. I basically just want to live in a library. I would marry the heck out of those shelves. But for now, my bookshelf and I are in an open relationship.
10) Do you ever get sick of reading? Yes. Sometimes. If I've read a couple of 'meh' books in a row I feel myself falling out of love with reading. Most of the times I just push through it and eventually I'll find a book that I adore and fall in love with reading all over again. But sometimes I just need to take a break, so I watch a lot of tv-shows for a week (usually I just watch Parks&Rec again) and then start reading again. Works every time. 
11) Random bookish memory? This isn't a great bookish memory, but a few years ago I had this dutch teacher that made us copy fairy tales from a book instead of random sentences when we 'misbehaved'. I was (and still am) a very quiet person, so I never had to do it myself, but I remember sitting in class and being very jealous of the kids that were able to read fairy tales while I had to do boring dutch grammar lessons. 
12) Character you relate to? I never really relate to a character? I mean, most characters I read about have murdered quite some people and are super badass, and I'm not really like that. Sorry if that disappointed you. 
13) Do you own bookish merchandise? Nope, unless you count my adorable Alice in Wonderland, Percy Jackson and TOG magnetic bookmarks from HappyHelloCo and The Stickeralley. I love magnetic bookmarks, and I own way too many of them. 
14) Controversial opinion? I have quite a few tbh, but to name one: I don't like Colleen Hoover books. I think they're super problematic, and I just don't like her writing style. 
15) NOTP? I don't like Lara Jean and Peter from TATBILB! I really wish she ended up with John Ambrose McClaren. Don't get me wrong, I love Peter as a character, but I just like John more. 
16) Why didn't I love this? The Winner's Curse. Everyone seems to love it, except for me? It was just so so boring! 
17) Hardcover vs. paperback? Paperbacks allllll the way. I only buy hardcovers when they're a lot prettier than the paperback (like Percy Jackson's Greek Gods) or when I'm highly anticipating the book and I'd have to wait a whole year for the paperback to come out (THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING). I just really don't like reading hardbacks, they're so heavy and then there's the whole struggle with the dust jacket. No, just give me a nice floppy paperback and I'm happy. (Plus, they're a lot cheaper and that's a big plus for me.)
18) Do you ever like villains? YES. But I love grey characters more, when you just can't tell if they're the hero or the villain.  
19) Cringeable reads? Hmm... Nothing really comes to mind right now. 
20) Where do you get your books from? I don't really have any good bookstores in my neighborhood. They mostly just have one shelf of English books, which are mostly adult crime novels (no, thank you) and if they have a book I'd want, I could get it for half the price online! So, I always get my books online. Usually from Amazon and The Book Depository. 
21) Haunting read? Haunting as in scary? I never read scary books. It doesn't go well with my anxiety. BUT when I was younger I loved books by the dutch author Mel Wallis de Vries, and they were very scary. Definitely kept me up at night. 
22) Highly anticipated upcoming release? SO MANY, but I can't stop thinking about Furthermore and Frost Like Night.  
23) Annoying character qualities? I hate it when a character falls in love with another character very very quickly. Like, a week after meeting a certain person, the other person knows that they'll be together forever. That just really annoys me. 
24) Least favorite genre? Thrillers and just scary books in general, for anxiety-related reasons. 
25) Best tropes? I LOVE the sassy best friend trope, like Leo from HOO or Kenji from Shatter Me. 
26) Rereading? Sometimes. I loved rereading Morgan Matson's books, but I tried rereading a fantasy a few weeks ago and I didn't like it that much. I don't find fantasies all that exciting anymore when I already know what's going to happen. And I need to work on my TBR, so I don't usually have a lot of time to re-read. 
27) Have you abused books? I don't believe in abused books. I love it when you can see that a book is read and loved. Doggy eared pages, highlighted paragraphs, cracked spines, I just don't mind those at all. BUT, I once bought this book from the Amazon marketplace and it smelled really really bad. So bad that I couldn't even read it, so I googled 'how to get a bad smell out of a book' and it gave me the tip to put loose coffee in the book. So I did, but the coffee really stained the book, so I ended up having to throw it out because it was unreadable. Such a shame. 
28) Series you quit on? The Winner's Curse series, and I'm still kind of iffy about the Throne of Glass series. I read the first book and I didn't really love it, but basically everyone tells me that the books get a lot better. The fact that the series has about a thousand books is kind of putting me off, though. 
29) Wish it wasn't a standalone? Amy & Roger's Epic Detour is one of my favorite books of all time, and I wish there was more. It doesn't even have to be another book about Amy and Roger, but I just want another one of those perfect road trip books. I loved it. 
30) Bad bookworm side-effects? Whenever I finish a book, I leave one of my friends a very long voice message about the book. She doesn't mind, luckily, but most people go a bit crazy because of my book-talk. Especially my parents. Oh, and I keep recommending books to my dad (and basically everyone in my life) and basically shoving them in his face and telling him to read them. Sadly, he never does and he just keeps reading LOTR over and over again. 

So, those were all the questions! I have to apologize for if my English is a bit weird in this blogpost, but I'm stil so so tired from my trip back home. I had so much fun answering these questions, though, and I'm glad to be blogging again. Even if it was just for a week, I really missed it & the whole bookish community! So, now I'm off writing the reviews for the 4 (FOUR) books I read last week. 

Tell me, do you have any controversial bookish opinions, or do you suffer from bad bookworm side-effects?

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you did the questions and liked them!! *cheers* hehe And I looove Percy Jackson too SO SO MUCH. Plus that sassy best friend trope?! It never gets old. :') I honestly need to find a Kenji somewhere because #need.
    And I totally agree with you on Colleen Hoover. I only read one of her books and thought it was horribly problematic and disturbing and I can't understand why so many people adore them?! Eeep. Oh well.😂
    Oh and I tooootally agree with #18!! When you can't tell if they're the hero or the villain = THE BEST EVER TO READ ABOUT.

    1. YES I neeeeed my own Kenji! Maybe we could built a sassy-best-friend-robot-maker-inator or something.
      I read 2 of her books, Confess was okay honestly. Very slut-shamer-y but the story wan't awful so I decided to give her another chance, so I read Hopless and just NO. It was AW-FUL. I don't understand why people like her books either, haha.
      And there are wayyy too little grey characters in books, I NEED MORE OF THEM.